Pasta puttanesca

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The "Pasta puttanesca" is the full shebang in one package. Treat yourself and your guests to top-quality products like passata, pasta and three savoury condiments, all made with love by sustainable family businesses. Your pantry goes from boring to super hot in seconds. Bye-bye excuses to avoid cooking, and hello culinary orgasms!🥵

This box is the perfect stock for several rounds of culinary enjoyment, or you can use it to prepare 16 servings of pasta puttanesca at once. The choice is yours, but if you're planning a pasta puttanesca feast for 16, please invite me! 😉

The package contains:

  • 4x passata 0,5l
  • 1x spaghetti 500g
  • 1x spaghettone Grani antichi 500g
  • 1x busiate Tumminia 500g
  • 1x Vitoni 500g
  • 1x Anchovy in EVO 205g
  • 1x Black olives Caiazzana 580ml
  • 1x salted capers 100g

xoxo Michelle

Allergy information: 

  • contains fish (anchovies in EVO)
  • contains wheat (all pasta types)