Tagliatelle Tumminia

Tagliatelle Tumminia

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Are you looking for a delicious pasta you haven't tried before? Or do you sometimes have to say no to pasta because it is so heavy on your stomach? 

Prepare to rediscover pasta with this Tagliatelle Tumminiai from Molini del Ponte. This pasta is a blend of ancient grains that have been cultivated for centuries and are not genetically modified—a sensual fusion of tradition and modern craftsmanship. 

This pasta has a rich, nutty flavour and a rough, porous texture, making it a perfect base for sauces. In addition to its great taste, Tumminia is known for its easily digestible properties. The ideal pasta when you have other things planned after dinner.... 🔞🔥

xoxo Michelle

Allergy information: contains wheat

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