Passion and tradition: the heart of culasarsa

Michelle eating pastaCiao! I'm Michelle, a 28-year-old lady with a lot of fire who grew up in a Sicilian-Belgian family. The best of both worlds. A passion for good food and a burning Italian fire are the foundations of who I am today.
They were also the essential ingredients for starting culasarsa, a place where you can discover and taste the very best of Mediterranean cuisine.
The heart of culasarsa beats for:
1. The integrity of family traditions 

A tradition passed down from family member to family member is invaluable. Growing up with the history and passion of the family business ensures that you share the same values. Culasarsa's products are a beautiful blend of past and present. And believe me, you can taste that. 😏

2. Eco-conscious enjoyment

I won't let you sit at the table with whoever you want. Oh no. I only select partners who use sustainable practices that are ecological and fair to all concerned. They and I think consciously about how we can make the world of tomorrow better. And they enjoyed themselves happily ever after... ❤️

3. Only the best is good enough 
I select products for you as if they were for me. Jokes aside, I only work with passionate people who strive for the highest product quality and have a transparent supply chain. Your taste buds deserve the crème de la crème. 😉

4. Spicy passion 
Cooking has something intimate, something sensual for me. It's about pleasure, the tension between different flavours and the connection between people. That is why my products are finger-licking and tongue-pleasing, piping hot and irresistible. They embody the love of tradition and gastronomic pleasure.

My promise? You and your guests will get excited at (and leaving) the table. 🔥

But where does this inspiration and passion come from? Well, my passion comes from my grandparents. My Bommi, Bopa (yes, you read it right ;-) ) and Nonni were all highly passionate people. My Nonni had a lush garden where they grew their vegetables. A visit to them invariably meant looking for Nonno among the vegetables. His garden was not only his workshop but also his home. My Bommi and Bopa mainly kept small animals like chickens and rabbits. I watched them grow, fed them, and was there when it was 'time'. In short, I was brought up with a caring and authentic approach to food. 

That this deep love and passion for food has had a lasting effect on me, I first realised a few summers ago. The realisation hit home during one of my favourite family traditions. An event I look forward to every year: our marathon of making passata.

Making passata is all about choosing the best tomatoes and the best method and rules (sì, every family has its unique way). My mother and I make tons of passata every year, not only for our pleasure but also because we believe we can do better. I told you: Italian fire. 😉

Together, Mamma and I process about 200 kg of San Marzano tomatoes a year. That's a small amount in itself, but big enough to keep us entertained from sunrise to sunset. That's what (s)he said. 🍆😏  

While we were processing our tomatoes, it occurred to me that Italians live primarily from their pantry. They learn this from an early age. Even when the empty fridge is staring at them sadly, they can conjure up a delicious "pasta cu la sarsa" to satisfy about twenty hungry stomachs. And then I realised: in this 1-2-3 meal box world, that charm is lost. We only go to the shop when we need something, and when we want to "eat well" we go out. We forgot how to prepare for the unexpected and forgot how passion and tradition taste in our kitchen. 

And so the idea was born for CULASARSA, Sicilian for pasta "with tomato sauce". A place where the best, authentic products are brought together with passion so you and your guests can taste, feel and be completely fulfilled by the love of food. 

Mamma's and my passata must be combined with top quality products. That is why I have collected the best ingredients for you, which will raise your dishes to a higher level so that you and your guests can go wild. So never cook with culasarsa products if you don't like people over, because believe me: they'll be coming back for more! 👅💦

Buon appetito! 

xoxo Michelle