Alici di cianciolo

Alici di cianciolo

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"Cianciolo" refers to the technique used for catching the anchovies. The fishing net is lowered into the sea at night and arranged to form a circle. Strong lamps shine into the surface and attract the anchovies to swim to the top. Once the net is ready, they close it at the bottom, and a sack is formed to bring the anchovies on board quickly.

Luca goes with his boat along the Cilento coastline and processes the anchovies immediately after catching them. After maturing in salt for 120 days, they are ready to be stored in EVO from the Cilento region. It is a fish, rich in Omega 3 and of great nutritional value. Ideal in Primi Piatti, on pizzas, and to accompany bruschetta.

Ingredients: Anchovies from Cianciolo 65%, extra virgin olive oil from Cilento 33%, salt, vinegar.

xoxo Michelle