Lupino gigante

Lupino gigante

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The lupin is much more than a legume. My nonna used to put this on a table full of aperitivo. Every time we would fight over who could finish the bowl—a salty and crunchy deliciousness.

Today the lupin bean is imported, in particular from countries such as India and Australia. Nevertheless, Anna del Sesto has saved its seeds and the production of this indigenous variety.

The plants are grown without pesticides or fertilisers, and the legumes itself processed according to tradition exclusively in water and salt. The processing that leads to the loss of the bitter component, typical of fresh lupin, is carried out exclusively using natural methods and respecting traditional techniques.

The lupin bean makes a great snack or appetiser and is full of protein. Delicious eaten with olives or pumpkin seeds.

xoxo Michelle

Allergen information: contains lupin

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