Olive Caiazzana

Olive Caiazzana

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Meet your new guilty pleasure: the Caiazzana olive. 👅💦 This olive is an ancient variety that was already cultivated in the Middle Ages. Domenico and Michele, two brothers, joined forces to revitalise their family's farmland. Their work results from extensive studies and collaboration with local "old farmers" to learn, understand and adapt traditional techniques. In this way, they work with love and respect for the rhythms of nature.

You can recognise a Caiazzana olive by its elliptical shape, rounded tip slightly flattened bottom and purple-black flesh from the skin to stone. Traditionally, they are preserved in brine or oil, but there are other local ways to preserve them, such as in ash.

Domenico says their olives are like sweets. "Once you taste one, you can't stop". Curious? Try one. Or two. Or three... 

xoxo Michelle