Tonno Alalunga

Tonno Alalunga

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"We love the sea, we nurture the sea"
For 200 years, the Testa family has been sailing the Tyrrhenian Sea in search of the best quality of fish. A story of passion, hard work and determination passed on from generation to generation.

Hand-selected fillets of the finest white tuna fished in the Sicilian waters. You can use Alalunga Tuna fillets in the kitchen to enrich pasta dishes or dress bruschetta, pizzas, sandwiches and side dishes.

This white tune belongs to the same family as the bluefin tuna, from which it differs. It's smaller in size, has a very long pectoral fin, and the colour of its flesh is white and not red, which is why the fish is also called albacore.

xoxo Michelle

Allergen information: contains fish.