Brass Pasta Ferretto

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Do you love loooooong tubular pasta shapes like busiate, fusilli and macccheroni? Then these Brass ferretto are all you need! In the past, I used metal wires or wooden sticks you use to make arrosticini for my fresh busiate. But these shiny brass Ferretto have become my best friend. I recommend using pasta dough made from only durum wheat and water as it is more stretchy and gives you a smoother roll.

How to make it last a lifetime?
The first rule is never to use the dishwasher or dish soap when cleaning your brass tools. Naturally is how you clean brass. Usually, brushing off any flour is enough! To remove the tarnish that develops over time, you take a clean rag and moisten it in a mixture of water and baking soda. Make sure your cloth is damp, and gently rub the brass to clean off any dough or flour. Allow drying in a cool, ventilated place.

to sum up:

  • 100% brass
  • one square and one twisted rod
  • size: base 3x3 mm, height 300 mm
  • Clean with a damp cloth and a little baking soda; never use soap or the dishwasher
xoxo Michelle

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