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Perciasacchi, which is one of the "ancient Sicilian grains", was already cultivated in the early 800s on the island of Sicily. Its high nutritional value characterises it. Coming from organic farming and certified seeds, Perciasacchi flour has a high protein content. It is rich in minerals, fibres, vitamins and, is easily digestible and low in gluten.
Filippo: "These grains have aromas and flavours that are distinguished by beautiful chamomile, dill, sweet clover and wild fennel."

The calamarata is the perfect pasta to pair with a seafood pasta dish, especially with calamari or mussels or your favourite vegetable pasta dish. It takes its name from the famous calamari rings as it is shaped like one. 🐙
It has a rough surface and is a little thick! 😉

xoxo Michelle

Allergen information: contains gluten