Marangoun's Modern Gnocchi Board

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Al Marangoun, a woodworker from Emilia-Romagna, is famous for his modern gnocchi boards and Pettine. He crafts every single board one by one. It's made from untreated Solid Italian beechwood and has the perfect grooves for creating unique patterns on your gnocchi, garganelli or cavatelli.

How to make it last a lifetime?

The first rule is never to use the dishwasher or dish soap when cleaning your wooden tools. Naturally is how you clean wood. Usually, brushing off any flour is enough. If not, take a clean rag or toothbrush and moisten it in a mixture of water and baking soda. Make sure your cloth is damp, and gently rub to clean off any dough or flour. Allow drying in a cool, ventilated place.

to sum up:

  • Made of beechwood
  • Delivered with three rods of different diameters.
  • Used to create Maccherone al pettine, Garganelli or gnocchi.
  • size: 11cm x 25cm x 1cm
  • Clean with a damp cloth or toothbrush; never use soap or the dishwasher

xoxo Michelle