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"Menaica" refers to an ancient fishing technique, once widespread on the Mediterranean coasts, that survived in only a handful of places. Luca goes out at dusk between April and July and spreads the net (Menaica) into the water. The net sorts the anchovies according to size, catching the biggest ones and letting the small ones through. With the strength of their arms, they pull the net into the boat. One by one, the anchovies are gently pulled out of the mesh and cleaned. Then they are placed in wooden crates, and - very importantly - neither ice nor any other type of coolant is used for transport.

The anchovies are processed immediately: first, they are washed in brine and then placed in terracotta jars, alternating layers of salt. Then begins the maturing process for at least three months.

Menaica anchovies in salt are distinguished by their pale flesh tending to pink and their intense, delicate aroma, which makes them unique.
They can be eaten fresh or salted, raw or cooked. Many recipes are effortless:
- raw anchovy salad, sprinkled with lemon and dressed with oil, garlic and parsley:
- anchovy sauce, excellent on spaghetti and very quick: fry the anchovies with a bit of oil, cherry tomatoes, garlic and chilli pepper.
- ammollicate (anchovies split, seasoned with breadcrumbs, garlic, oil and parsley)
Excellent for preparing Primi Piatti, pizzas, and bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil.

After opening, how to preserve in salt:
1/ Remove the plastic around the product;
2/ Add a handful of sea salt on top of the product and put a wooden or terracotta cover on top
3/ Add pressure to the anchovies by adding something heavy on top of the lid
4/ Store in a cool and dry place, not in the refrigerator; if you don't have that spot, we recommend filleting the anchovies and preserving them in oil.
5/ Check the humidity once a week; if the anchovies are dry, moisten them with sprits of water and salt;
6/ Only takeout the anchovies needed and keep the remainder salted.

How to fillet salted anchovies:
1/ Takeout the anchovies you need and rinse them one by one, holding them by the tail and gently removing the salt with your fingers under running water;
2/ Dry the anchovies by blotting them with kitchen paper;
3/ Separate the two fillets of each anchovy by opening it from the belly and removing the fishbone and the gill collar (a small bone at the beginning of the fillet).

The fillets are now ready to be used or preserved in oil.

N.B. The packages are vacuum-packed, so let the product 'breathe' for at least half an hour before filleting.

Ingredients: Anchovies from Menaica 97%, salt 3%.

xoxo Michelle