Semolina Rimacinata Cuore

Semolina Rimacinata Cuore

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Our Semolina Rimacinata Cuore is made from Sicilian durum wheat varieties - Simeto, Duilio, and Appio, and ground using steel rollers; this flour delivers exceptional quality for everyday baking and cooking needs.

Perfect for fresh pasta with a tantalizing aroma and rough texture to elevate your creations. Not only ideal for pasta, this versatile flour is perfect for bread, focaccia, pizza, biscotti, and rustic desserts. Enhance the texture and flavour of your sweet and savoury baked goods with this 11.5% protein, all-purpose flour.

Filippo Drago, from the renowned Molini del Ponte, is respected for preserving ancient grain varieties like Tumminia, Russello, and Perciasacchi, ensuring his business's sustainability.

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