Start-to-pasta set

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What pasta tools are essential in your drawer? Well, this set is our perfect answer, all the essentials to give your pasta tool collection a kickstart. 

  • Brass straight wheel: a tool that offers endless possibilities to create clean edges on your ravioli, tagliatelle, and pastry
  • Round ravioli stamp: helps create filled ravioli, mezzelune or cappelletti with zigzag edges.
  • Gnocchi board: not only perfect for making gnocchi, cavatelli, and malloreddus but paired with the rods, you have beautiful Garganelli or Maccheroni in no time.

As an extra, we add a package of semola rimaccinata and 00 flour from Molini del Ponte to make the best egg and water-based pasta dough. This flour is only available in our pasta tool sets. 

The package contains:

  • 1x semola rimaccinata 1kg
  • 1x Mediterranea tipo 00 1kg
  • 1x Modern gnocchi board
  • 3x different-sized rods to use alongside the gnocchi board
  • 1x brass ravioli stamp
  • 1x brass straight pasta wheel

xoxo Michelle