Chitarra Spaghetti Board

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Always dreamed of becoming a musician? Well, I can't help you with that, but I can help you become a great pastaio with this pasta "guitar". This fantastic board originating from the Abruzzo region is famous for producing spaghetti alla chitarra. Use a rolling pin to press your sheet of pasta through the wires to create square-shaped, long pasta. 

How to use it?
When your chitarra arrives, the strings are half tightened.
Before you use your chitarra, you tighten the strings with the screws provided at the end. About a quarter turn, and when you're done, you loosen them up again. The strings will last longer that way.

How to make it last a lifetime?
The first rule is never to use the dishwasher, dish soap or water when cleaning your Chitarra. Usually, brushing off any flour is enough. If not, make use of a pastry scraper to remove any dough from the wires. It's also possible to gently rub off any dough or flour with a clean cloth. You can treat wood and wires with food-safe oil.

to sum up:

  • Made of beechwood and Stainless steel wire
  • 2 sides, one for fettuccine and one for spaghetti
  • The traditional tool used for making fettuccine or spaghetti alla chitarra with a square base
  • size: 9cm x 48cm x 22cm
  • Clean with a brush; never use water, soap or the dishwasher

xoxo Michelle

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